Hagen History Center

Historic Charm, Modern Value: Celebrate Your Wedding at the Hagen History Center

Wedding costs continue to skyrocket across the country with the average wedding increasing in cost from $29,000 to $33,000 in 2024. Add in regional expenses for big coastal cities and you could be looking at a wedding average of nearly $50,000.

But luckily, your special day does not have to cost nearly that amount. The Hagen History Center offers an exquisite historical space that can rival any venue nationwide, yet our pricing remains highly affordable.

Whether you live in the Erie and are looking for a truly unique and memorable venue, or you are a former Erieite looking for a venue that would (easily) cost $50K in your current city, please contact us for a tour. Given our history and $11 million of investment into our site, you will be blown away.

Average Wedding Cost by Number of Guests