Hagen History Center

Event Spotlight: The Hagen History Center’s Annual Meeting and Yellow House Unveiling

On Tuesday, July 18th more than 200 members, volunteers, and employees gathered at the Yellow House in Girard, PA to celebrate the Hagen History Center’s annual meeting. Much was accomplished from presenting awards, highlighting achievements, and outlining future plans for the organization. New programming and events at the Battles Estate Yellow House were also shared with the public. From cooking classes to pop-up restaurants, our efforts have vastly expanded to provide the community with several new and exciting offerings starting in August.

Most notably, the newly remodeled first floor of the Yellow House was unveiled. Formerly outdated exhibits – the entire floor now serves as an incredibly unique venue space. These much-needed updates include plaster repairs, fresh floor and wall paint, new furniture, new lighting, newly remodeled restrooms, landscaping, and interior design. Guests were able to tour the entire house and be among the first to see the incredible transformation to the pre-Civil War Era home.

In determining the renovations, the primary goal was to create a unique indoor venue space that allowed for indoor accommodations in addition to the acres of available outdoor green space. Balancing modernized and functional space while maintaining the historic integrity of the original farmhouse was prioritized. The end result is nothing short of perfection thanks to the profound efforts by our staff and volunteers.

Guests now have the ability to use the main drawing room and dining room for indoor seating to formally accommodate up to fifty guests. Brand-new dining furniture, rugs, and chandeliers boast modern elegance in conjunction with over a dozen pieces of perfectly curated artwork from the History Center’s archive collection. Throughout the first floor, select exhibits are still on display to recognize the profound significance of the Battles’ family to the Girard community. My favorite feature? The original water well, still visible through the floor in the back room through a sheet of plexiglass.

From a serene outdoor fire pit, to the rustic farmhouse kitchen display, the Yellow House provides something no other venue can. Modern amenities perfectly blended with the rich and rustic history of an 1857 farmhouse. Now, fully equipped to host large-scale tented outdoor events or smaller more intimate ones. Telling a story of what life was like decades ago, celebrations here will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

The second floor of the Yellow House is a fully-renovated and modernized Airbnb, also available for rent during private events. The apartment gives private access to the iconic third floor cupola, and stunning views of the property.

Interested in hosting an event at the Yellow House? Venue tours are offered Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Contact events@eriehistory.org to schedule. Pricing, availability, amenities and more can be found at www.erieweddings.net

To learn more about the fascinating history of the Battles Family, check out the Emmy-nominated PBS Chronicles episode: “The Legacy of Charlotte Elizabeth Battles” here!